Purity matters.

Protect your customers and your brand with the world's best process filtration.

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Why Ultrafilter?

Ultrafilter GmbH is one of the most innovative manufacturers of high performance filter housings, elements, and cartridges for compressed air, technical gases and liquids, since 1978. 

For over 44 years, Ultrafilter's products help you eliminate the risks associated with viruses, bacteria, and particulate contamination. That means we reduce and/or mitigate all product spoilage and recall risk entirely.

Ultrafilter Advantages

  • Binder free (fusion-welded media, not glued)
  • Guaranteed non shedding
  • Delivered in sterile, double-sealed packaging
  • Limited pressure drop means low cost of ownership
  • 30% extended service life (steam sterilization process)
  • Welded end cap options

Our Products

If you rely on sterile compressed air, liquids, or gases in your production facility, you know that product spoilage and recalls result in lost time and lost revenue. They can also risk public health and damage your reputation.

Sterile filter elements, cartridges, and housings from Ultrafilter keep your products pure and your production line moving.


Compressed Air

Our compressed air filtration products focus on energy efficient operation at high flow levels. Our Ultrafilter air filtration elements are available in a wide variety of materials, micron ratings, and connection styles for a range of uses:

  • PET Bottle Blowing
  • Tank Blanketing/Pressurization
  • Aseptic Packaging
  • Sparge Air for Whipped Products


Ultrafilter PF-EG liquid filter housings are designed for the filtration of beverages and other liquids, such as process water, mineral water, beer, wine, soft drinks, juice, and other products.

Filter elements are available for most non-Ultrafilter housings using industry standard connections including Pall, Meissner, Parker, 3M/Cuno, Millipore, and many more.

Ultrafilter Housings

Steam & Gas

Clean steam is an absolute must in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Our steam housings are capable of providing the exact quality of steam required for any application, including 3A, at temperatures up to 390°F.

A broad selection of regenerable elements is available for the compatibility and micron ratings of your process.


Ultrafilter elements are interchangeable with most leading brands, using industry standard connections.

Ultrafilter elements and cartridges are equivalent and in most cases superior to those of the OEM.

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Ultraplanning is a vendor-controlled inventory program designed to provide you with:

  • Fixed pricing
  • JIT delivery
  • Reduced onsite inventory
  • Audit documentation control
  • 100% element replacement, on time, every time.

Industries We Serve

Senior Male Research Scientist is Using a Tablet Computer in a Modern High-Tech Laboratory. Genetics and Pharmaceutical Studies and Researches.


Working process of the production of cucumbers on cannery. Washing in water before preservation. Movement on the conveyor.


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Beverage factory interior. Conveyor with bottles for juice or water. Modern equipments


Brewery. Modern beer plant with brewering kettles, tubes and tanks made of stainless steel


3-A Sanitary Standards

3-A Sanitary Standards


Canada's Exclusive Ultrafilter Distributor

As Canada's exclusive Ultrafilter distributor, we guarantee a reliable, cost effective supply of the highest quality filter elements, cartridges, and housings available on the market.

We also have the technical expertise and know-how to work with mechanical engineers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to assist in the planning of manufacturing plants and systems.